Hungarian Wound Care Society

Information about the Society

The Hungarian Wound Care Society was founded on September 26, 1997.

The justification for the creation of a new association is precisely answered in the introduction to the Articles of Society.

What are the goals and tasks of the Society?

1. Society membership recruitment.
2. Survey, classification and etiology of wound forms occurring in Hungary.
3. Survey of wound treatment materials available in Hungary (medicines, herbs, etc.), wound bandages and procedures, techniques (conservative and operational, surgical, dermatological, angiological, diabetological, polarized light, laser, etc.) .
4. Recognition and nationwide introduction and dissemination of the most modern and effective wound healing procedures.
5. Organization of conferences, courses for different levels (general practitioners, specialists, professional staff members, etc.). Develop a nationwide network with sponsorship. Provide support to company members in wound management and ensure appropriate training conditions.
6. Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of wound care materials, to develop modern techniques, to facilitate their clinical examination, and to strictly control them according to elaborated plans.
7. Development of protocols for treatment of various wounds.
8. Contacting - via group representative - with international (European, national and US) Wound Care companies, Wound Management and Wounds with the editors of magazines.
9. Support (also financially) domestic research on wound care and wound healing.
10. Contact the Hungarian authorities for evaluation and testing of wound treatment materials (medicine and bandage) and wound treatment procedures.
11. Connect with health care societies - with the help of the founding members as well.
12. Building relationships with pharmaceutical and bandage manufacturing and distribution companies.
13. Creation of financial resources for the continuous operation of the Company (international corporate membership fees, implementation of foreign magazines, training program, membership support, etc.)
14. Providing members with access to discounted prices (authority, sponsorship) for certain drugs and dressings.

The Hungarian Court of Registration registered the Hungarian Wound Care Society on April 23, 1998 under serial number 8068.